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Restaurant Review: Margot Café in East Nashville

Kelli Corbin Hudson, The Lipman Group Sotheby's International Realty

Kelli Corbin Hudson, The Lipman Group Sotheby's International Realty

I could almost be back in Italy.  The scene is warm and quaint with exposed original brick and a loft supported by generous wooden beams.  The staff is friendly, the crowd is coming in, and the aromatics are reminding me why I came:  to eat perfectly prepared, locally and regionally grown foods in a way I can only find at Café Margot.

With a menu changing daily based on Margot’s latest local finds, there is something on the menu for everyone.  Handmade pastas, homemade pizzas and a house ice cream each night will not only leave your appetite satisfied, you’ll start planning your return.

The menu begins with Course One.  Here you’ll find surprisingly filling and tasty starters such as homemade focaccia bread or house made chips served with aioli.  Both are delicious though I highly recommend the bread with the herb infused  olive oil.  In Course Two, you’ll find an unbelievable seasonal soup, a homemade pizza and other perfectly prepared small plates.  Course Three is your main meal, and I really don’t know how you’ll choose.  I do find the handmade pastas are divine, but you’ll also find a “fish dish” or two that are great, a roasted chicken that is cooked perfectly to a golden brown, and a few surprises along the way such as Rabbit Confit.  I’ve heard from several that the Duck is out of this world and their favorite meal Margot prepares.

Finally, I must encourage you to skip whatever necessary (or hey, just indulge!) to enjoy the amazing ice cream of the evening.  From almond in the summer to egg nog in the winter, I haven’t found one that I couldn’t finish.

Whatever you choose for any course, I don’t foresee you being disappointed and be sure to meet Bryan at the bar who is great at helping you pick a wine to pair with your cuisine.  Come hungry. Make reservations. Bon appetit!

Reviewed by:

Kelli Corbin Hudson
mobile:    615.830.7778
office:      615.463.3333

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