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Emergency Preparedness in Nashville

Emergency preparedness is as simple as planning ahead and the Ready Nashville! guide was designed to help citizens help themselves and is distributed by the Metropolitan Government of  Nashville and Davidson County.

Click here to download an electronic copy of Ready Nashville! It's an emergency preparedness guide for Nashvillians.

Click here to download an electronic copy of Ready Nashville! It's an emergency preparedness guide for Nashvillians.

The guide describes many of the emergencies that could face our community and provides important information on how to respond and prepare.

From Spring 2009 till September 2010, OEM staff had distributed more than 20,000 brochures to Nashville citizens at many community events.

If you don’t have a copy handy at home, click on this link to Ready Nashville! and print it out.

Here’s an excerpt from the book on what to have handy in a “Go Bag”:

Every household should consider assembling a Go Bag – a collection of items you may need in the event of an evacuation. Each household member’s Go Bag should be packed in a sturdy, easy-to-carry container such as a backpack or suitcase on wheels. A Go Bag should be easily accessible if you have to leave your home in a hurry. Make sure it is ready to go at all times of the year.

• Copies of your important documents in a water- proof and portable container (insurance cards, birth certificates, deeds, photo Ids, etc.).

• Extra set of car and house keys, credit and ATM cards and cash, especially in small denominations. We recommend you keep at least $50 – $100 on hand.

• Bottled water and non-perishable food such as en- ergy or granola bars.

• Flashlight, battery-operated AM/FM radio and extra batteries. You can also buy wind-up radios that do not require batteries at retail stores.

• Medication for a least one week and other essential personal items. Be sure to change medications be- fore they expire. Keep a list of the medications each member of your household takes and their dosages, or copies of all your prescription slips.

• First-aid kit. • Sturdy, comfortable shoes, lightweight rain gear

and a mylar blanket.

• Contact and meeting place information for your household, and a small regional map.

• Child care supplies or other special items.


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