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What if the Royal Wedding was held in Nashville?!

Nashville has had our share of Royalty… Tim and Faith, George and Tammy, Dolly and Porter and many more. We’ve also had a few presidents hail from Middle Tennessee… Andrew Jackson, James K. Polk, and Andrew Johnson.

Prince William has even visited Nashville before while visiting a friend he met in school.

Now the Royals have centuries of tradition with which they would never break, but what if the Royal Wedding actually took place in Nashville? Where would it be held? Where would the Royal Couple stay? What about dinner? And the post-ceremony traditional luncheon?


Which of these would you pick to host the Royal event?

Riverwood Mansion

Riverwood Mansion –
Surrounded by the grandeur of the old south, you’ll experience the ultimate in true southern hospitality. Riverwood Mansion is one of Nashville’s historical treasures. It has been identified as one of Nashville’s most significant historic structures/sites by the Metropolitan Historical Commission. Built in the late 1790’s Riverwood is one of Nashville’s oldest homes. And at 9,200 square feet, it is one of the largest.

Belmont Mansion –
Belmont Mansion was built in the style of an Italian villa and was set amidst elaborate gardens… Wait Italian villa? That won’t work, moving on…

Belle Meade Plantation

Belle Meade Plantation –
Belle Meade Plantation represents a history of agricultural and Thoroughbred breeding success without equal in the American south. Its rise and eventual fall encompass a full century of Southern history.

Cheekwood Gardens
The history and origin of Cheekwood are intimately interwoven with the growth of Nashville, the Maxwell House coffee brand and the Cheeks, one of the city’s early entrepreneurial families. The history of Cheekwood is matched only by its beauty.

The Hermitage

The Hermitage –
Probably our nation’s most authentically preserved early presidential home site. The museum includes original artwork, furniture, textiles, personal items, wallpapers, and much more.

There are several fine dining establishment fit for a king in Nashville. Here are our picks.

F. Scott

F. Scott’s –
Fine contemporary American cuisine in a sophisticated yet comfortable neighborhood restaurant. 300 wine selections, seasonal dishes, and live jazz six mights a week.

Morton’s –
Driven by the desire to provide genuine hospitality–for guests and employees–we offer a setting where people truly care about one another, and show it in everything they do. The high level of respect and enthusiasm that runs through our entire organization is evident in many ways, including the longevity of our staff and managers, some of whom have been with us for decades.

Ruth’s Chris –
Delicious steaks, tastefully decorated with a fine-dining atmosphere fit for royalty, Ruth’s Chris is a great place for the newlyweds to enjoy their time in Nashville.

The Palm

The Palm –
At The Palm, the philosophy is simple: Treat guests like family, serve great food, and always exceed expectations.


Sperry’s –
Sperry’s has brought to Nashville a unique dining concept of tasteful surroundings, and quality food offered at reasonable prices. The kitchens contain only the finest products available, including aged Western beef, the finest fresh seafood obtainable and premium dairy products, cheeses, oils and spices.


Those who seek new adventures and discoveries can uncover the local flavor, charm and culture. There’s always something wonderfully new to discover.

Experience a sophisticated and comfortable Nashville, Tennessee lodging destination – where four-star luxury adopts a stylish and accommodating new spirit. Hutton Hotel offers a striking contrast to the conventional cluster of West End and downtown Nashville hotels, pairing attentive service with elegant, contemporary design. Treat yourself to welcoming Nashville luxury hotel lodging, where warm hospitality finds a new perspective.

Hermitage Hotel

Hermitage Hotel –
Opened in 1910, The Hermitage Hotel has been woven into the history and memories of Nashville and her residents for over 100 years. With a deep respect for Nashville and Tennessee, The Hermitage Hotel is committed to preserving the region’s heritage and practicing the traditions that make hospitality synonymous with The South.

Loews Vanderbilt –
A distinctive luxury hotel that is a true original, designed to reflect and amplify the flavor of its locale.


Prime 108 at Union Station Hotel

Prime 108 –
A vibrant addition to the downtown restaurant scene, Prime 108’s creative menu and stylish décor encourage lively conversations and a memorable dining experience. An extensive wine list created by our in-house sommelier features well-known favorites along with many unique and exceptional wines.

The restaurant design combines the historic elegance of the original 1900 stained-glass windows, walnut paneling and a stone fireplace with the modern atmosphere of lush banquettes and hand-blown Italian glass chandeliers. Guests may immerse in world-class artwork including “The Allegory of America” by Tommaseo De Vivo or a Jack Nicholson portrait by Ronnie Woods of the Rolling Stones; making the surroundings both appetizing and appealing.

Pancake Pantry –
A Nashville tradition of great down-home pancakes you can’t get anywhere else in Nashville.

Copper Kettle –
At Copper Kettle Cafe & Catering, they believe in doing things the old fashioned way – home cooked culinary delights from around the world and right here at home in Nashville.

Puffy Muffin –
Here to delight you with delicious food and attentive service and a personal touch to everything they do.


What if the Royals had the wedding here in Nashville? They would be in for a special treat of southern hospitality mixed with a little big city polish. I’m sure they would have a great time although I don’t see the Queen hanging out at Tootsie’s or stopping by the Green Hills Kroger to pick up party favors.

All in all not a bad trip to Nashville for the Royal Couple, the Queen and thousands of our overseas compadres.

Tell us what you think in the comments.


2 responses

  1. Those “royals” you mention are just descendants of relics of the past. What people have actually built and created something big recently? Your very own Steve Jobs and Apple, for example. Just to name one of many. Now that’s something to admire!

    PS That Riverwood Mansion is very nice.

    September 30, 2011 at 8:27 pm

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