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An Extreme Makeover for Your Home

By Lawrence Lipman

Perhaps you don’t plan on moving any time soon, but you are interested in giving your home an extreme makeover.  Even minor repairs and upgrades will not only increase your property value, but can also create the feel of a brand new house.

Ensure the lawn is mowed and cleaned of garbage & leaves. Trim shrubs, hedges and keep hoses, sprinklers and other gardening tools out of sight. Also, purchase new welcome mats and a new mail box if the old one has seen better days. These simple tasks are things you can do yourself, but if you really want to invest in your lawn, hiring professional landscapers really adds a boost of curb appeal.

Windows are not only an aesthetic feature. For most homeowners, they represent one of the easiest ways to lower home heating and cooling bills. Replacing your current windows with more energy efficient ones will be a sure cost saver on your utility bills in the long run.

Kitchens are typically the most frequently used room in a home, so it makes sense that investing money here is going to pay off. If you have the yardage, extend your kitchen into the backyard. More homeowners are opting to upgrade appliciances, lighting, flooring and cabinets through the many available options. A kitchen renovation represents a good investment and is the number one room homeowners choose to redesign first.

With families cutting their entertainment budgets, they’re spending more time at home; therefore, it makes sense that adding a deck is a good investment. There’s nothing like a fun weekend cookout as you prepare to watch your favorite sports team.

Many basements are plain, empty and unused space that rarely sees any visitors. Why let all that space go to waste? Create an entertainment area that will “wow” your guests. Adding a fabulous bar area, seating and beautiful finishes will add character and value to your home.

Don’t be afraid of paint. It is one of the most easiest and inexpensive things to do to dramatically change the look of your home. You may be confident by bringing in a professional color specialist to help with recommendations. Splashing a little color on your walls will add character and ownership to your home. If your painting skills are below par, you can always hire someone or even create a fun painting project for family and friends.

You can also take care of business with a home office remodel. More and more often people are working out of their houses. It is not just a luxury, but a necessity. Turn an unused den or bedroom-turned storage-unit into an inviting work sanctuary.

It’s important to make changes to your home while you are there to enjoy it. These home improvement projects will not only increase your home value, but will give you a sense of pride when you return after a long day. Whether entertaining guests, simply relaxing or enjoying a holiday meal in the kitchen with family and friends, these changes pay off in a variety of ways.

Lawrence Lipman


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